Sunday, January 2, 2011

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I am Jess and my hubby is Pete, and we are foodie wannabes. Why wanna-bes? Well, we are really into gourmet foods and cooking, and we attempt to bring it into our lives, but not yet with 100% success.

This blog will be a travel through our 365 of eating well.

The title of this blog involves the word "scrumtrulecence" which is a made up word used on the SNL version of the "Inside the Actor's Studio," starring Will Farell and Alec Baldwin. It came on while I was trying to think of a name, and I thought- well WTH?

We recently traveled to Vegas and experienced some wonderful restaurants, which I thought I would share with you. Remembering good meals is a great memory from vacation for me!

1) Bouchon- French food. At the Ventian. This was our favorite meal.

Started with a cheese plate with a whole honeycomb on it and really wonderful fresh French bread.

Pete had:
Côtelette de Porc
pork delmonico chop, Brussels sprouts,
red wine-glazed pears & roasted shallot pork jus

Jess had:
Poulet Rôti
roasted chicken with glazed celery root,
Jura wine-poached apples, herb quenelles,
chestnut confit & chicken jus

Desert- I had the creme brulee. Pete had a complimentary desert which was chocalate and brownie related, but I can't remember! I do remember though that it had a brandy ice cream I believe.

2) Sinatra- Italian Food. At the Encore at the Wynn.
I had a Prix fixe menu.
First- was a squash soup that was a bit spicy and had small lobster filled pasta tortellini
Second- Branzino alla Genovese
grilled Mediterranean sea bass, cannellini bean
and baby vegetable ragu, pesto
Third- Tiramasu

Pete had:
small pockets filled with bufala ricotta,
herbs, asparagus sauce
For desert he had a hazelnut gelato which was so yum.

Extra points for having french press coffee brought to the table with desert.

3) Postrio (Wolfgang Puck)- At the Venetian. Italian inspired, but all sorts of Eupropean fare.
We were looking to go simple this night.

I went simple:
Spaghettini Pasta, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil with meatballs

Pete had:
A special which was some sort of special beef ravioli in some sort of special sauce. I am forgetting!

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