Thursday, January 6, 2011

What to do on those nights...

Well what do you cook on the nights where you don't feel like making a recipe from scratch and you don't have any fresh meats/ fruits/ veggies? I want to talk about those nights as well. I am hardly pulling recipes from the Gourmet cookbook every night. (Though, it's one of my favorites- all of the recipes are easy and short but taste... well... gourmet. My only complaint- no photos. But Gorumet is connected to, so you can find photos there for many of the recipes, along with many delightful tips.)

Anyways, I digress...what to do on those nights you get home late and you just need FOOD? And you want to be healthy as possible or at least, get some good nutrients.

Well, today I am going to discuss one of my favorites- Ba.rilla PLUS! I love it. It tastes a lot better than a lot of other Multigrain pastas I've tried. (I am Italian and we always had the GOOD pasta, so I am a bit of a pasta snob.) But usually pasta is such a no-no with it's a carbarifficness....Not with with this product.

This is their description "Made with golden semolina and wholesome flaxseed, spelt, oats, barley, and legumes, Barilla PLUS® nourishes your body with multi-grain goodness–and nourishes your soul with rich, delicious flavor." Found here:

There are 17 grams of protein in one uncooked cup!
It has 7 grams of fiber (28% of recommended amount!
It's a good source of Omega 3's!

They also have many shapes, which is exciting for me. (again as an Italian- you use different shapes with different sauces! Very picky!) Last night I made the angel hair with a touch of pesto (not too healthy), olive oil, and pine nuts. I have also used walnuts too. If I had more fresh in season veggies, I would have chopped them and tossed them in as well.

So, this is my product recommendation of the day. The whole meal took about 20 minutes to prepare- and it was mighty tasty too.


  1. mmmm pesto; my fav!!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I bought this kind last night (rotini) and mixed with Kraft non-fast yesty Italian for a quick pasta salad and then add veggies to it.